Thursday, 21 August 2014

Undertaking Registration

We have now approached the Online Registration stage… this would be registration Part 1 for new students and registration for continuing students.

It’s not open quite yet but it’s going to start from the 27th onwards for certain courses. To register you must be UFAA (unconditional, firm, accept). You need to log onto the wonderful portal with your username and password, and access the registration tab.

For new students you will need a PHOTO. A lovely front facing one. If you haven’t got one, not to fear, when you come in to do your 2nd part registration a lovely continuing student will take your photo for you. (Please remember this as I came to mine soaking wet from the rain and for 3 years I’ve had to cope with an appalling photo on my ID card.)

TECHNICAL ERRORS - We all love ‘em don’t we? When the portal starts flashing error messages at you, the submit button doesn’t work…etc. etc, we do have a dedicated IT team endeavouring to help you. They can be contacted three ways:

  • You can call 0208 331 8272 and go through the options until you get to ‘Portal Help’
  • If it is a portal problem you can click ‘Need Help?’ on the portal page which will take you to a form you fill out and IT team will be alerted 
  • AND finally if you’re having issues on the Online Registration page you can click ‘Query tracker’ on that particular application page and an IT person will see what the problem is on that page.

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