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Hello everyone! My name is Michael, and I have just finished my BA Human Resource Management degree with an upper second class. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the University of Greenwich, and will be staying on in September to start a master’s degree. The programme I will be studying is MA Personnel and HRM.

So less about studies, and more about me! Coffee, like most students, is something that I need to get me through the day, and if there were a way to have it delivered intravenously, then my life would be sorted. I love to travel, and enjoy discovering new places. Someday I would love to see more of the world, and all I need is lots of money and free time… but anyway, you will find that I often discuss my travel wishes in my blogs, as well as talk about coffee every so often, amongst other things.

So I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, I will try to keep it updated as often as I can, and feel free to leave a comment. 

Hi. I’m Anisa. I study English at University of Greenwich at the Maritime Campus. You must be thinking it’s a dull subject right? It. Must. Seem. Like. This. To. You. 

Most of my friends can’t stand English because they see the typical characteristics of it, e.g. Reading and Writing. Literally, that’s it. But with me, it’s a whole different story… I find it art, I find it something I can express myself with. I find it a tool to become who I am every day.

My name is James. I am a postgraduate student studying Therapeutic Counselling MSc. I am from London but did my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Sussex before taking a break to get some work experience as a Support Worker and do some travelling.  

I study part time so I am only in one day a week but have practical and academic elements of the course to keep up with the rest of the week.

My name is Samantha and I am a student at Greenwich studying Criminology. I have recently completed my second year, meaning I only have one more year until I graduate! 

After finishing college and working full time for 3 years in retail I decided I wanted to pursue my passion. Criminology has always been my greatest interest and offers me many paths into employment. I hope to qualify in probation, with my particular interest being youth offending. 

I chose Greenwich due to the beautiful and peaceful surroundings, nothing is more of a motivator during your degree than attending a picture perfect institute, as well as being surrounded by friendly and welcoming people!"

Hey guys! My names Stacey and I've just completed my second year studying Film Studies! I really, really enjoy it and literally cannot wait to go back in September! That may seem a bit weird but university is really fun when you enjoy what you’re studying.

I’m even looking forward to writing my dissertation as it’s going to be on Disney!! This year we looked at foreign cinema, animation, American cinema and we made our own Documentary. It’s been great fun and really hard work but in the end it was rewarding and I worked hard to get the grade I wanted at the end of the year. Next year is going to be even harder but I can’t wait for the challenge. Roll on September!

My name is Danielle and I will be graduating soon from studying Computer Systems and Software Engineering at University of Greenwich (Medway campus).  I live with my parents permanently but during term times I move back to Medway.

So, what can I say about myself? Well, I’m friendly, polite, respectful and an easy-going person.  I wouldn’t say I’m too laid back but my mum would probably disagree.  Anyway, I describe myself as a down to earth person who is very reliable and there whenever I’m needed.

My interests are: reading, programming, music, poetry, baking, sports (mainly athletics and basketball), and fashion = shopping!!! Every girl I know loves at least a bit of shopping.

University of Greenwich is a good university.  I heard wonderful things about it so I decided to apply to it.  I first looked at the description of the course offered that I wanted to do and it just reassured me that I wanted to study that course at University of Greenwich.  The description made it more straight-forward in deciding what university to call and apply to.  Once I got the place on that course at University of Greenwich, I was very excited.  It was a start in my progression towards my future career.

Choosing University of Greenwich was a good choice in the end as the course best tailors my ability as well as pushes me in the right direction for a successful career in the IT industry.  It not only fills my brain with knowledge but has allowed me to work for a year in the related job sector that I want to go into.

My name is Jamal, I’m 21 years old I’m a second (going-on third) year student at Greenwich studying Computer Science.

I live in Beckton, East London. I’m a first generation Somali, some of my siblings were born in Somalia, so you can imagine how much my parent’s value education.

When I left college I convinced myself I wanted to study Architecture, by the end of 1 year I realised it wasn’t for me. I came to Greenwich and it was a breath of fresh air, the campus was a lot more integrated than my previous University. Being Muslim, I met people from every faculty in the Prayer room, we still all study and eat together during term time which is really nice.

I met a lot more people through the Islamic Society, which I am now the Chair of, I eventually got involved with student politics and will be the Greenwich Campus Officer this coming year.

I’m really looking forward to my final year of University.

Hi my name is Raeesah (Racer) and I have just completed my final year of Biomedical Science.

The year I started University in 2011, I was part of the last group of students paying the £3(something) thousand. Growing up I always thought I wanted to do Medicine, however, during my A ‘levels I decided Medicine was not for me. I was getting quite stressed out and I was forgetting how much fun it was to learn. So I changed to Neuroscience. I had always wanted to go to University, so when I did not get into my firm or insurance choices to study Neuroscience I opted to do Biomedical Science because I've always enjoyed science. Even though I joined Greenwich via Clearing, I'm so glad I'm here! 

My first year was a little bit hard not educationally but socially. Meeting new people, making friends isn't really my forte but I tried my best. Second year was a lot more fun socially but hard academically. Boy does second year slap the knowledge on ya! We had coursework, tests, assessments, everything due left, right and centre. By the end of it I was happy I survived all three years! 

I am going to end with this: “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming.”

Hi I’m Beste, I prefer being called Best as it’s easier to pronounce and simply sounds cooler!  

I’m originally from North Cyprus but born and bred in the UK. I am a proud final year Psychology student at the University of Greenwich. I was a direct entry into the 2nd year having started my higher education studies back at home in Cyprus. I enjoy meeting new people and wouldn’t miss a chance for a chat. 

My name is Jenna and I am going into my final year of BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology at the University of Greenwich. I have worked at the Enquiry Unit for nearly a year now and this will be my second Clearing that I have worked with the team :)

I never thought that I would make it to University. After making quite a few mistakes along the way, I was blessed by amazing lecturers at college who pushed me to reach my potential. The University of Greenwich was always my first choice and I feel so lucky to be a student here, let alone one year away from achieving my goal!

After this degree I really want to go into teaching so I can hopefully inspire teenagers in the way I was to follow their dreams :)

Hi everyone! My name is Gavin, and I'm a Psychology student at Greenwich. After taking a few years out after taking my GCSE’s, I decided that a degree in Psychology was right for me. One Access to Higher Education Diploma later and I'm here, and to be honest I couldn't ask for more from a university.

I'm living in halls at Avery Hill at the moment, and to say it has been an adventure is an understatement. I've met some amazing people so far, and I'm still meeting them now – whether on a night out at Sparrows or even a natter in the launderette.

In my own time, I enjoy travelling, and often my attitude is ‘I'm not lost, it’s just an adventure’ – Which is great, until I realise I've been wandering in circles. I'm also a bit of a gamer geek, which is fun and awkward in equal measure. Languages are always a blast too – even if it is just learning to order a drink in them for when I'm on holiday!

So, the plan is to end up on a Masters programme in Forensic Psychology, and hopefully end up doing research at that crossover point between psychology and law – time to get serious!

Hi. I’m Nell. Or Nellie. Or ‘The Nellster’. Or Neil. Or idiot. I have many nicknames because people are incapable these days of not using one, but I prefer being called just plain old Nell. Not the most interesting of names but hey, there’s a film with my name as the title with Liam Neeson in it, who is awesome, so that makes up for it.

So… my experience with the course. I’ll begin with how I decided to become a student at the University of Greenwich. I am obsessed with film; I am basically a living encyclopaedia when it comes to the subject. You know when you’re watching a film or television programme and you’re thinking ‘Oh who is that actor? I know his face, what has he been in?!’ I could tell you exactly what films he has been in, when they were released, what his next film is, who is he is married to, his height, his date of birth… my knowledge is almost scary  because it would literally be with any actor/actress/director from about the 1930’s to today. Because of this, people started suggesting to me, especially my mother, that maybe I should do a degree in film? Just maybe?

My name is Chevonne and I have just recently finished my three year degree in BA (Hons) Criminology, set to graduate in October 2014. Before doing my degree, I only had the basic GCSE's and I didn't have the best A level results. This meant that I had to go through Clearing as I really wanted to go to university. As I was running out of time I wanted to go somewhere close to home and somewhere that still had spaces on their Criminology course. I took a leap of
faith and picked the University of Greenwich and they gave me a place. It opened my eyes to a new me with the people I met, the beautiful big campus I was based at and the part time job I was able to get. The studying showed me what I was actually capable of doing.

With the academic stuff out of the way, I can now move onto something else that tickled my fancy besides wanting a degree ... Travelling. I like the idea of exploring different places so I thought why stick to the UK? I've been to Spain, Florida, China, Dominican Republic and Paris just to name a few. I would very much like to add more names to this list such as Egypt, Dubai, Mexico and Canada.

My name is Olivia and I have just completed a three year degree course in Education and Psychology. 

Hailing originally from Ireland, I had been working in the UK for a number of years before deciding to return to education as a mature student. Having thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate course, I have now decided to embark on further study and will commence an MSc programme in September. 

Alright, my names Josh I am 23 and I am a third year student currently studying Education Studies.

At University I partake in various sports including football and cricket. I enjoy the social side of University and can often be seen out in the various student bars. Here is my blog that I hope will bring a little bit of fun and information to those who may come across it.

My name is Nerissa Watson-Boothe and I have recently completed my undergraduate Joint honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and Psychology. I joined University of Greenwich as a  I was a direct entrant into Year 2 for my programme of study. I have a slightly different education history than most British students, as I moved to the U.S at one point in my life, and currently hold U.S qualifications rather than the standard GCSES and A-levels.  I was drawn into working for Clearing as I can relate to people who have qualifications from outside the UK, whether they are UK citizens or international students.

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