Friday, 22 August 2014

Alternative routes, not alternative futures...

This post is an attempt to feed you broccoli (although not so literally), It’s something you might not like, but it may be good for you!

Many of the people applying through Clearing won’t have enough qualifications to get onto a degree programme, or maybe not degree programmes remotely related to your chosen field of study.

So many of us will be in that dreaded situation where you have one or more verbal/email offers for an “Extended degree” or a “Foundation degree” or a “HND/HNC” at a “partner college”, and a lot of us don’t consider it because it’s not a degree, or its not at the main campus.

What we forget is that all of these mean you will end up with a degree, perhaps in the same 3 years that all your friends will, and perhaps in the same subject you initially applied for! And even if it’s a different degree, it might lead to the same career, or a similar field.

This is something a lot of us just dismiss because it’s not what we first wanted, it might be because of a narrow-minded focus rather than a career focus. There is genuinely no difference between a degree that was done in a standard 3 years from one that was topped up from a 2 year foundation or HND, or one that had a year zero, from an employer’s perspective they are the same.

These alternative courses are usually more vocational, so if you are more in line with this kind of study it might even be a better option.

So in the case that you are given an alternative offer, do give it serious thought, you are welcome to contact us and ask us about the process and we would all be happy to help.

If you are in this situation, I hope you make the right decision.

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