Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"Two days to go!

Hello everyone! It’s now only two days to go until the main period of Clearing (A-Levels results day) occurs and things are heating up in the office. We have had all the new student staff join us in the main office who have been undergoing training over the last couple of days in preparation for their start here. And so with only a few days to go until Clearing, I just want to remind you all of the best ways to contact us in case you find yourself in Clearing:

First of all, the most important thing is not to panic!

  • You can then contact us by the phone on: 0208 331 9000 and follow the options. Please use a landline or find a quiet place to talk to make things easier!
  • You can contact us via social media on Facebook: UniofGreenwich and on Twitter at: UniofGreenwich. 
  • Email: courseinfo@gre.ac.uk or clearing@gre.ac.uk
  • And finally in person! We will have a team based on our Greenwich Maritime campus that are happy to help anyone face to face. They will also deliver guided tours of the campus throughout Thursday and Friday for anyone wishing to see the campus. 

We also have a Clearing Applicant specific Open Day this coming Saturday on all three of our campuses from 12 noon till 16.00. Feel free to come down and say hello J

Other than that, I can only reiterate, prepare! Clearing can be scary and daunting but if you prepare and are sensible, it really is a doddle.

Good luck folks!"

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