Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Clearing 2014 – The Digital Age

The Clearing process itself has been around for a long time, our supervisors here at the Enquiry unit will tell us stories of when the Clearing phone lines used to be open 24/7 over results day and the whole process was done on paper with filling cabinets. 

Now Clearing is online, with social media helping students every day to find out a little bit more information about universities. You can use social media to find out what activities are happening at your prospective university or to see pictures of the campus.

Throughout Clearing many people accept places from universities that they have never visited. Social media can help to bridge the gap of information before you get a chance to go to an Open Day or even start in September.

Here I will explain what goes on at a few of our social media sites.

Twitter – @UniofGreenwich

-          General Updates
-          Answering questions
-          Activities going on at the university or campuses

Facebook – University of Greenwich Enquiries

-          General Updates
-          Photos
-          Answering questions
-          Activities going on at the university or campuses
-          Live Chat
-          Clearing updates

Pinterest – University of Greenwich Enquiry Unit

-          Student life/blogs
-          Accommodation
-          Sports/Societies
-          Student Recipes
-          Clearing updates

Instagram – uniofgreenwich

-          Student life
-          Clearing
-          Graduation
-          Sports/Societies

Also check out these pages :

Vine :  UniofGreenwich  -

Fresher’s Fair information -

Google+: University of Greenwich Enquiry Unit -

Foursquare: University of Greenwich -

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