Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Registration & Start Dates :)


With the start of 2014/15 academic session we have a great number of newcomers, continuing students and final year prospect graduates are who are eager to register! Registration stands as one of the main queries at this time of the year. What happens in registration and when and where does registration take place are the main questions of students.

All students receive an email towards the end of August with the link for Part 1 Registration and are invited to register.  Part 1 registration is completed online through the student portal. The process has a number of steps where the student is required to declare and confirm their personal details such as name, date of birth, address and the qualifications correctly logged on the system. Students are able to view and confirm that the programme of study and point of entry etc. are correctly detailed in existing records. Online registration is completed with the settling of how tuition fees will be paid.

After having completed Part 1 Registration, students are expected to come into one of the drop in sessions at the relevant campus Student Centre and present their qualifications. Here they will be issued with their temporary student card and registration is complete.

Usually Mid-September there is an induction week and a fresher’s fair! This year Fresher’s week is on Monday 15th and lectures begin the following week Monday 22nd. These dates may be vary between programmes and Faculties. 

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