Thursday, 7 August 2014

Here to help...

This will be my first Clearing since I started working here in January. I initially had apprehension due to hearing other personal anecdotes of their Clearing experiences and how stressful it may be. Though it is only early Clearing at the time of writing this blog, I have been able to overcome such trepidation as I remember that I am not alone. I am surrounded by an encouraging support network in the office that I can go to for guidance in helping prospective students. The work environment in allows me to be actively engaged and I am able to learn by by to observing others in how they handle the various types of calls we receive on a daily basis.

My role entails assisting enquirers on the telephones and facilitating the process for future students who want to apply and attend our university. With that said some callers may simply want to know about the current university course offerings and I am able to provide some additional information on suitable courses for enquirers. With it being early clearing, the time before results day occurs, I find that I experience a variety of calls from individuals who are at all stages of the application process and are seeking additional support in how to progress onto the next step.

I have had a lot of calls on how the application process works through Clearing. I advise enquirers that the application process does start with having a current UCAS application and explaining that the application is a vital step in allowing members of the Enquiry unit as well as academics to view their qualifications, their personal statement and their reference in one central location. From there I am able to see which qualifications individuals have put on UCAS and then I can refer to our entry requirements on our 2015 criteria via the University website.  I have experienced situations where individuals are unsure as to what type of qualifications they obtain, and I try to identify which level of qualification it is and advise they send in their transcripts as part of the application process so that it can be assessed.

Though I only started working here in January, I have improved my confidence level through building upon my knowledge of different education systems and understanding the complications that arise from going down a non-traditional education route. It is important to reassure others that although it may be a daunting process, it shouldn't deter others into going into higher education.

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