Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fresher's on the way!

This is my second clearing diary blog and one that I hope everyone will find useful and informative. During Clearing there is confusion, misunderstanding and mayhem. However one thing I would like to re-iterate to everyone in Clearing is to be calm and be clear in what you want to pursue. University is an emotional, physical and large financial commitment in life; therefore it is of upmost importance that the course and path you choose is right for you. 

Get information:
Make sure you have all the information about the University and course you wish to pursue. Gain as much background information as you can. If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. You may need to look at things like finances, travel, commitments and student life.

Be clear:
Have an understanding of what you have and what you may need. Have a clear image of your route into the University and the course you wish to study. When you make an application to us make sure you’re aware of the procedure and how to approach us with regards to an application.


Enjoy Fresher’s Week as there will be lots going on and it’s the chance to meet new people and partake in new sports. I myself joined the football team as part of Fresher’s and I'm still there now. Take a gamble and get to know as many people as possible in the first few weeks as it will be your best chance to. Join teams and most importantly be prepared, do not second guess or chance anything. Make sure you are ready and that everything is in place “fail to prepare, and then prepare to fail”.

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  1. Another cracking diary informative and enjoyable! Great work.