Thursday, 14 August 2014


So Clearing has been happening for roughly the last month or so but today is the big day!


Basically on Results Day, we start super early (7am) and finish at 8pm and throughout the day it is ALWAYS super manic. So here are a few tips:

  • Stay calm
  • Don’t panic
  • Take your time to look through our courses before calling – It’s YOUR future! (There are loads of us who you can talk to and help you!)
  • You can alternatively chat to us online and create an application there:
  • Make sure you aren’t holding any offers with other universities
  • Don’t be upset if you didn’t get the course you wanted, we offer loads of alternatives! J
  • There are thousands of people in the same place as you, so don’t be afraid J

There is an Open Day coming up on Saturday 16th August so if you need more help deciding, there will be academics there who you can talk to about a course you are interested in. Remember, there is no deadline for Clearing but we would recommend applying sooner rather than later!

So, just to clarify… You can call us on 020 8331 9000 or chat to us online (from the link above); we can let you know if the course you’d like to apply for is available. Please have your Personal ID ready so we can put through an application for you quicker! J

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