Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Making A Clearing Application in Person

During August I have been part of the Clearing Team based at Greenwich Maritime campus (Queen Mary Building), where prospective students can come in and make their application in person.   A full team of four staff will remain for the rest of this week but even after this, for courses where we are still recruiting, you can make an application in person at Greenwich campus (office QM61).   We are a friendly bunch and can talk you through the process – including registering with UCAS, online applications, applying through clearing, transcripts, qualifications, IELTS, etc.


Having secured your place with us, registration is the next challenge to be faced.  Part 1 registration is online and Part 2 is where you bring your ID and certificates into the campus. 

Especially important if you are travelling any distance, before setting out on a journey to the university itself, check what campus, day and time has been assigned to your particular programme for Part 2 registration. It can be frustrating to arrive at the university with all your qualifications only to be told – come back another day! Specific details are on our website, so check before you set off!

And Finally….

Enjoy your time at university and embrace all opportunities offered to you.

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